About us

About us

ASEKOL is a not-for-profit company which in representing producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment organises a state-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). It provides collection, transport and recycling of worn-out and obsolete EEE, including to finance the entire system. ASEKOL is a so-called compliance scheme for take-back of EEE. Its contract-based services are used by manufacturers and importers of such equipment. In its take-back activities, ASEKOL closely co-operates with cities and towns, final sellers and service providers, collection companies, and processors of electrical and electronic equipment.

ASEKOL’s Mission

  • to ensure collection and environmentally friendly processing of worn-out and obsolete electrical and electronic equipment
  • to be a trustworthy partner for state and local administrative bodies
  • to utilise its funds efficiently
  • strictly to maintain quality in environmentally friendly handling of e-waste
  • to perform awareness-raising activities among the general public
  • to support the work of people with disabilities in sheltered workshops

On the basis of a decision by the Czech Ministry of the Environment (MoE), ASEKOL is authorised for take-back of electrical and electronic equipment in all of groups 1–6.

ASEKOL co-operates closely with:

ASEKOL uses certified integrated management system that meets enquiries of individual standards:

ASEKOL operates in Europe as follows: