Obligations of sellers

The Waste Act (Section 38, para. 4) defines a final seller as a legal entity or individual authorised to do business and which sells electrical or electronic equipment to final users.

Information on the take-back of electrical appliances for the final consumer

The final seller of electrical or electronic equipment has in particular the following basic obligations:

1) at the point of sale to take back the electrical or electronic equipment “piece for piece”

(Section 37k, para. 4 of the Waste Act), which means to ensure that the final user can hand over for take-back used electrical or electronic equipment at the point of sale or delivery of new electrical or electronic equipment when buying such equipment in the same number of pieces of equipment of a similar type and use (i.e. regardless of the brand of the equipment being sold or taken back).

2) to take back electrical or electronic equipment at the point of sale if the selling space is at least 400 m2

to enable final users at any time during business hours to hand over used electrical or electronic equipment for take-back free of charge,

3) to provide information

(Section 37k, para. 3 and Section 38, paras. 4 and 5 of the Waste Act), which consists especially in the obligation to inform the final user about the method of ensuring take-back of used electrical or electronic equipment.


The law establishes the responsibility of the last seller of electrical equipment intended for household use to provide the end user the opportunity when buying electrical equipment to give back free of charge used electrical equipment at the point of sale or delivery of the new electrical equipment. In the case of internet retailers, the delivery place is typically the consumer’s home address to which the newly purchased electrical equipment was delivered. Given that the aforementioned take-back obligation concerns many firms connected with KS ASEKOL, we would like to ask, by means of a simple survey, for information regarding if and how you take back old electrical equipment and if we could provide you assistance with the take-back