Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Access the Asekol portal to submit your report here:

IPAS Manual – Filling out the report from 1 April 2022
Manual for the report according to Decree No.16_2022


  • How often is the report for the listed EEE on the Czech market submitted?

Normal reporting is set up on a quarterly basis.
I.e. Reports are generated always as of the 1st day of the following quarter and are reported retrospectively.
Reports are to be filed via the IPAS web portal, by completing and submitting the form within 30 days of issue. 


  • Can I file a report monthly, semi-annually, annually? 

If you wish to change the reporting frequency, please send a written request stating the reason for the change to our client department
If approved, the frequency of your reports will be adjusted.


  • In what form is the report submitted?

Reports are to be filed via the IPAS web portal, by completing and submitting the form within 30 days of issue.

Report generation date for the previous quarter:  

      1. quarter – 1 April
      2. quarter1 July
      3. quarter1 October
      4. quarter – 1 January


  • How will I know if I have a report ready to fill in?

You will receive an automated email with a link to the portal when the report is ready to be completed.
Your login details will be sent to you after your contract has been received and registered in the ASEKOL information system..


  • Do I distinguish between EEE imported from the EU and from countries OUTSIDE the EU?

This is regulated by the new Decree No. 16/2022 valid, from 01 February 2022

Manual for the report according to Decree No.16_2022
Decree No 16/2022 on the disposal of certain end-of-life products

Recommendation: In order to ensure the accuracy of the reported data, we recommend that you always report in one reporting method for all your devices (at the time of sale/at the time of stocking).


  • Which equipment is to be reported and who is required to quantify and list the RP on the tax bill? do I report?

Imported from abroad into the Czechia and put into circulation = YES/Yours
Manufactured / own production = YES/Yours
Purchased in the Czech Republic and resold = NO ** / ***

** but only if you have the amount of the recycling contribution calculated on the tax receipt from your supplier. DO NOT REPORT products purchased and pre-sold from a Czech supplier, i.e. equipment that you are not the first to place on the Czech market.

***If the invoice from the Czech supplier does not include this recycling contribution, you are obliged to check why the contribution is not listed. It may be that this is just a temporary technical error and your supplier can email you back specifying the amount of the contribution or send you a corrected tax document where the recycling contribution must be prominently stated.

In the event that this is not a technical error and your supplier does not fulfil the legal obligation of “free rider” and you want to resell the purchased equipment, you are obliged under Act No. 542/2020 Coll. Section 10 – Responsibility of the distributor. 

If a selected product does not come from a manufacturer who is registered in the List of Manufacturers or instead of whom an authorised representative is registered in the List of Manufacturers, the rights and obligations of the manufacturer provided for in this Act shall be vested in the distributor of that product. 
Consequently, this legal obligation passes to you. Thus, you will need to submit a follow-up report for that equipment and pay the recycling contribution to your compliance scheme and on that basis you will calculate the amount of the contribution on the tax document..