Obligations of battery producers

Definition of producer

According to the Waste Act, a producer is a legal entity or individual entitled to do business and which, without regard to the method of sale, initially introduces batteries or rechargeable batteries to the market in the Czech Republic, including batteries and rechargeable batteries built into vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment or other products, or accompanying the same.

Take-back of portable and rechargeable batteries encompasses primarily the obligations to:

  • accept portable and rechargeable batteries from the final user (in the case of a final seller) directly at the point of sale where the seller’s batteries are being sold
  • inform final users on the methods of ensuring take-back, on possible negative effects for the environment and human health of substances used in batteries and rechargeable batteries, as well as on the meaning of the graphic symbol for separated collection and take-back
  • request registration in the List of Producers within 60 days from the date of first introducing batteries or rechargeable batteries to the market
  • submit to the Ministry of the Environment an annual report on compliance with obligations
  • provide a minimum take-back level of 25% in 2012 and 45% by 26 September 2016
  • ensure at least the minimum effectiveness of material use processes from 2011
  • provide the defined financial guarantees before introducing batteries to the market
  • create take-back points in all municipalities of more than 1,500 inhabitants
  • provide at the producer’s own cost take-back of batteries from all sellers which sell the batteries of the given producer and so request

Every producer introducing portable batteries or rechargeable batteries to the market in the Czech Republic is obliged to:

  • ensure their proper marking with a graphic symbol for purposes of separated collection and take-back 
  • provide visible, readable and indelible information as to their capacity
  • uphold the prohibition from introducing to the market or into circulation batteries and rechargeable batteries containing mercury or cadmium exceeding the defined limits (max. of 0.0005% of mercury and 0.002% of cadmium by weight for portable and rechargeable batteries)
  • ensure take-back of worn-out portable and rechargeable batteries.

Information letter for sellers_distributors from 1.1.2023_Battery

On 9 July 2021, an ‘Agreement for Cooperation on the Fulfilment of the Obligations of Manufacturers of Electrical Equipment with Built-In or Inserted Batteries and Accumulators’ between the collective systems of ASEKOL a.s. and ECOBAT s.r.o. was signed in accordance with the provisions of Section 84(3) of Act No. 542/2020 Coll. on products with a terminated lifetime. This agreement allows the manufacturers to report the number of batteries placed on the Czech market in a single information system along with EEE, and this cooperation is extended to all groups of built-in, inserted and separate batteries.