Obligations of producers

Producers are obliged to be registered in the List of Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment maintained by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

Following the OPENSCOPE, please pay attention to the updated document – Appendix 2, p. 11, 12. You can find the whole document here.

Concurrently they must comply with obligations:

in introducing electrical and electronic equipment to the market:

  • ensure that the electrical and electronic equipment is designed and produced to facilitate disassembly and reuse
  • adhere to legal provisions regulating technical requirements for the products, requirements for the ecodesign of products, and legal provisions for protection of public health
  • inform distributors, final users, consumers, sellers and processors
  • ensure marking of electrical and electronic equipment introduced to the market

in ensuring take-back:

  • ensure and finance take-back from households of electrical and electronic equipment no longer in use 
  • ensure and partially finance separate collection of e-waste from firms and entrepreneurs
  • comply with limits for material use of e-waste, its components and materials in accordance with the legal provisions for protection of the environment
  • prepare an annual report on compliance with obligations and send it to the Ministry of the Environment by 31 March of each year.

Through its compliance scheme, ASEKOL provides for compliance with all of producers’ take-back obligations.​

Template of Collective Fulfillment Agreement including Tariff Recycling Fee – ASEKOL a.s.