Recycling of electrical equipment

We scarcely can imagine life today without electrical appliances. We use them daily – at work, at home and for fun. These devices become more advanced by the day and their prices fall continuously. They have become accessible to everyone. But all of this raises a serious issue: what to do with the devices once we stop using them?

Why do we recycle?

“If the electrical equipment consisting of dangerous substances is thrown away to the waste container mutually with communal waste, it is most likely that e-waste will not be recycled. Instead, it will end up at the controlled landfill, which does not solve the problem, it only cumulates the waste material,” explains Jan Vrba, ASEKOL a.s.

Recycling and its advantages

Recycling is the most useful processing of e-waste. Re-use of the materials is saving natural resources and simultaneously restrains the loading of the environment by harmful substances. Recycling enables a reduction of the costs caused by the creating of the new products and decreases ecologic load up to the environment. Disabled people working in the sheltered workshops are taking part in the ecological processing of e-waste. It also gives them an opportunity for self-realization.

“Collected e-waste is transported for recycling. A significant part if the e-waste is re-used, sometimes in a different form. The re-use of materials stays around 50% to 80%. The environment is therefore significantly saved against the detrimental effect of the dangerous substances containing in this type of waste.” commented Jan Vrba.

How to recycle?

  • Look up the address and opening hours of the closest collection point
  • Bring the used electrical equipment to the collection point. The operators will show you the place where you can discard your devices. Electrical equipment should not be disassembled to guarantee a regulated recycling process.
  • You can also exploit the mobile collection of the e-waste organized by your municipality.
  • Small electrical equipment could be hand in through the special Red containers. Following transport and process of the hand in electrical equipment is secured by ASEKOL a.s.