The E-box is especially suitable for small electrical appliances and batteries. Up to now, almost 2500 E-boxes have been placed in the Czech Republic. The pot can be found in the interior of municipalities, companies or institutions.

ASEKOL offers a simple solution for collecting small electrical and electronic equipment to all municipalities, final sellers, clients and large institutions – the E-box. In using the E-box you declare your environmental responsibility, contribute to environmental protection, and conserve natural resources.

  • Use: indoor
  • Filling: top filling with mechanical entry protection, lockable box
  • Dimensions: 400 × 400 × 1200 mm (internal paper box has dimensions 340 × 340 × 660 mm)
  • Volume: 80 litres

E-boxes are designed for

  • all small e-waste from offices and households (except for fluorescent tubes)
  • for example, non-functional calculators, telephones, small computer equipment, portable cassette, MP3 players, tools, kitchen appliances
  • batteries are placed into a box located above the deposit opening


  • free provision with a concluded contract
  • no-cost transportation and recycling of the collected electrical and electronic equipment and batteries on the basis of an order
  • collection separate from waste, which means it is not necessary to maintain a waste management registry or any other registry
  • possibility to use supporting information materials

Lease conditions

  • suitable indoor location
  • free access for the public, employees or customers
  • filling and removal of a full E-box at least twice a year
  • concluding a free lease contract

You can obtain more information about E-box lease possibilities from our Regional Managers.