How to report EEE


The participating manufacturer reports to the compliance scheme the amount of EEE that it is the first to place on the market in the Czech Republic. It pays recycling contributions for these appliances.

The compliance scheme uses the recycling contributions to ensure compliance with the above legal obligations.

Producers remain obliged to label EEE, to provide information on the composition of EEE to facilitate its subsequent recycling, and to comply with the provisions of the law relating to prevention in the production of EEE.

This information is considered strictly confidential and is ensured by the security standards of ASEKOL a.s. and the HW and SW used, which guarantee that no one except the person who is obliged to enter the data will have access to it. The transfer of data from the obligated entity to the ASEKOL a.s. accounting system, including the calculation of the invoiced amount, is fully electronic, with no manual intervention.

According to Act No. 542/2020 Coll., on End-of-Life Products (hereinafter referred to as “EOL”), placement on the market means the first delivery or release into the free circulation customs regime, whether in return for payment or free of charge, of EEE onto the Czech market for the purpose of business for distribution, consumption or use according to Section 3(2) points b – d.


• ensures compliance with the obligations for all groups of EEE and batteries
• is the largest compliance scheme in the Czech Republic for the take-back of EEE, with the requisite professional, personnel and financial background and with extensive experience gained over the past 17 years spent ensuring manufacturers’ compliance with their obligations,
• is founded, owned, managed and controlled by the largest manufacturers of EEE,

• ASEKOL works closely with and is a member of:
Consumer Electronics Association (ASE) – most ASEKOL founders are ASE members
WEEE Forum – an international association of compliance schemes specialising in the take-back of EEE, based in Brussels – member
WEEE Europe – the European one-stop take-back solution, based in Munich – shareholder
Association of Public Services – member

• has the financial stability of a system built on existing, high and long-term financial reserves – the default conditions for the safe storage and management of funds,
• is able to prepare and submit an annual report in accordance with the law,
• has extensive and professional experience in communication with government authorities,

• has long-standing contractual relationships with suppliers involved in fulfilling the obligations of EEE manufacturers – cooperation with processors meeting the legal requirements for recovery, regular supervision of their activities in accordance with the European standards,

• ensures equal access and effective protection of each participant’s sensitive data – the data protection and security system is certified according to ISO 27001,

• has an established and certified integrated management system that connects the requirements of the following standards:
◦ ISO 9001 Quality Management System
◦ ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
◦ ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
◦ ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
◦ SA 8000 CSR Management System

• has transparent funding – separate bank account and accounting, constant pressure to achieve savings and reduce the prices of all suppliers,
• applies a system of regular reporting for all participants in the system on the fulfilment of their obligations.




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