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ASEKOL is a not-for-profit company which in representing producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment organises a state-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). It provides collection, transport and recycling of worn-out and obsolete EEE, including to finance the entire system. ASEKOL is a so-called compliance scheme for take-back of EEE. Its contract-based services are used by manufacturers and importers of such equipment. In its take-back activities, ASEKOL closely co-operates with cities and towns, final sellers and service providers, collection companies, and processors of electrical and electronic equipment.

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25 619 tons
ASEKOL collected 25 619 tons of electrical devices!
We fulfill quotas of the EU for a collection
ASEKOL so far as the only one in the Czech Republic demonstrably fulfill the quotas oh the EU about the collection of used electrical devices.
More than 1000 employed handicapped people
In cooperation with the Czech National Disability Council, we are helping disabled people to get a job opportunity.
More than 15 000 collection points
ASEKOL provides the densest collection network for used electrical devices

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2. 12. 2019

Awards for The Most Active Regions and Municipalities 2019

Category Winner Active municipality Ostrava City Active region – The highest number of sorted electronic devices in given period South Bohemian Region Active region – The collection of old electronic devices via red containers Liberec Region Active region – Jury price for approach of region to enlightenment in environment sphere Karlovy Vary Region Art of […]

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14. 10. 2019

Second International E-Waste Day raises global awareness about the growing problem of e-waste

Only around 20% of global e-waste is recycled each year, which means that 40 million tonnes of e-waste per annum is either placed in landfill, burned or illegally traded and treated in a sub-standard way and this is despite 66% of the world’s population being covered by e-waste legislation. This results in the huge loss of valuable and critical raw materials […]

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12. 4. 2019

ASEKOL reached the limit 200,000 tons of collected electrical and electronic equipment

All categories were represented in the collection; small electrical equipment, televisions and computer monitors. On average, every citizen of the Czech Republic sorted approximately 1,74 kilograms of wasted electrical and electronic equipment. The volume of small-scale electricity collection is increasing year-on-year. The most frequently thrown articles include electric kettles, chargers, radios, small vacuum cleaners and […]

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12. 3. 2019

ASEKOL helps in need

In each of the 14 regions, one regional organization could be supported, and each client could also choose between two national projects. Clients could choose among 16 projects to support children from children’s homes, nature protection, employment of disabled people or handicapped athletes. “This new last year concept was very popular, so we decided to continue and bring […]

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