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ASEKOL is a not-for-profit company which in representing producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment organises a state-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). It provides collection, transport and recycling of worn-out and obsolete EEE, including to finance the entire system. ASEKOL is a so-called compliance scheme for take-back of EEE. Its contract-based services are used by manufacturers and importers of such equipment. In its take-back activities, ASEKOL closely co-operates with cities and towns, final sellers and service providers, collection companies, and processors of electrical and electronic equipment.

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44 580 tons
ASEKOL collected 44 580 tons of electrical devices in 2021.
We fulfill quotas of the EU for a collection
ASEKOL so far as the only one in the Czech Republic demonstrably fulfill the quotas oh the EU about the collection of used electrical devices.
More than 1000 employed handicapped people
In cooperation with the Czech National Disability Council, we are helping disabled people to get a job opportunity.
More than 17 500 collection points
ASEKOL provides the densest collection network for used electrical devices.

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21. 11. 2022

Active Region and Active Municipality competitions have their winners!

The ASEKOL compliance scheme values long-term cooperation with towns and regions that correctly sort e-waste. We would therefore like to appreciate their excellent e-waste collection results and their long-term efforts to spread awareness and promote the necessity of sorting e-waste, thereby making a significant long-term contribution to sustainable development and environmental protection. The most active […]

9. 11. 2022

Watch the report video on how to mitigate the effects of e-waste and contribute to sustainability together!

In 2050, the global population will reach 9 billion people, and efficient use of raw materials and resources is a must to ensure a sustainable future. Thus, there is an increasing pressure on the original nature and on the primary sources of raw materials. With an increasing consumption, e-waste has become one of the fastest […]

12. 10. 2022

Visit the ASEKOL at the PROFESIA DAYS job fair!

The 11th year of the job fair PROFESIA DAYS (12th and 13th October, 2022) is currently taking place in PVA EXPO PRAHA and the ASEKOL exhibition stand can not be missing there! The fair offers a lot of opportunities for visitors, especially how and where to find a suitable job. Our HR department represents ASEKOL […]

13. 9. 2022

An ASEKOL container has been used in a firefighting drill simulating a fire in an electric car!

ASEKOL provided a modified large-volume container for a firefighting drill simulating extinguishing a fire in an electric car. And how did they put the electric car fire out? For your interest, we’ve prepared a brief reportage video from the event, where you can see professional firefighters and their rescue equipment in action. “Nowadays there is […]