23. 2. 2024

ASEKOL prides itself on its long-term commitment to the environment and sustainability. For more than 19 years, it has been responsibly recycling end-of-life electrical appliances, thereby protecting nature and our environment! In 2023, we managed to recycle a hard-to-believe 61.8 tonnes of end-of-life electrical appliances, surpassing the 65% collection quota. Responsibility, a commitment to the environment and a proactive approach to take-back have a measurable impact on sustainability, as shown by the environmental accounting results.

ASEKOL carefully monitors and evaluates every step of its operations to minimise negative environmental impacts and contribute to sustainable development. As part of this commitment, we regularly conduct environmental accounting, which provides a transparent view of our efforts to take back and recycle end-of-life electrical equipment. The environmental savings can be presented transparently through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). On the basis of LCAs that ASEKOL has regularly commissioned, we can accurately quantify the savings of electricity, primary raw materials, water and oil that have been achieved through the take-back and recycling of end-of-life electrical appliances. At the same time, an LCA analysis can be used to quantify, for example, the reduction of acidification potential and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to air and climate protection.

The environmental accounting for 2023 gives us a clear picture of our contribution to the environment. Thanks to the take-back and recycling of more than 61.8 thousand tonnes of electrical waste, the following savings were achieved:

Electricity: Thanks to take-back and recycling, we saved 267,751 MWh of electricity

Primary raw materials: 44,860 t of primary raw materials did not have to be extracted due to re-use

Water: We saved 2,825,892 m3 of water by processing electrical waste

SO2 equivalent = reduction of acidification of the environment – 4,044 t

Oil: Our recycling prevented the consumption of 23,000,634 litres of oil

CO2 equivalent = reduction of greenhouse gas production by 243,336 t.

“We believe that sharing this information with the public is key to building trust, support and motivation with our clients and partners. In March, Environmental Accounting Certificates will be sent out and all our partners will be able to see for themselves that their take-back efforts have had specific positive benefits for our environment and made a significant contribution to the circular economy. Environmental Accounting Certificates are proof of transparency and provide an accurate calculation of the environmental contribution of a particular municipality/company,” said Daniel Šafář, Sales Director with the ASEKOL compliance scheme. We would like to thank all our clients, partners and employees for their trust and cooperation in the take-back process. We would also like to thank all citizens who sort electrical waste conscientiously. The results of environmental accounting motivate us to continue to improve and strengthen our commitment to sustainability. Your ASEKOL.