How much do we save by recycling?

Thanks to the LCA study we can calculate savings of specific materials. From this calculation, we are creating a so-called Envrifoment certificate which shows the outcomes. According to the LCA analysis from 2019 we know that:

32 800 000 l petroleum

This much was saved by recycling electrical equipment in 2019. This amount would be enough to produce fuel for 134 travels by car from Prague to Beijing.

7.5 billion liters of water

ASEKOL saved this much of water during its existence. It is equal to the water consumption of all inhabitants of the Pilsen city.

60 000 000 kg CO2

This amount of carbon dioxide did not have to be generated while producing new goods.

2 300 512 MWh

The energy saved is equal to the 2 months service of the nuclear power plant Dukovany.