Red containers

Red stationary containers are deployed throughout the Czech Republic to facilitate the take-back of small electrical appliances. Where to find the container in your area, visit

The main objective of ASEKOL’s unique stationary red containers is to facilitate people’s hand-over of discarded appliances close to their homes. That means people need not go to collection yards with small electrical and electronic equipment but can turn it in at any time using the conveniently placed containers. The containers are mostly located at existing waste-separation locations.

What belongs in a red container

  • all small household and office electrical and electronic equipment (except for fluorescent tubes), such as computers and accessories, printers, calculators, audio technology and telephones
  • batteries

containers are not for: televisions, PC monitors, fluorescent tubes and energy-efficient light bulbs

Conditions for placement of the red container

  • at least 1,000 inhabitants per stationary container
  • availability of a freely accessible paved surface
  • concluding a free lease contract

You can receive more information on stationary container lease possibilities from our Regional Managers.