Battery legislation

Batteries and accumulators are batteries, button cells, power supply sets, or accumulators that are hermetically sealed and could be manually transmitted. Simultaneously it cannot be either industrial battery or accumulator, or automotive battery or accumulator.

On 21 May 2010, Decree No. 170/2010 Coll., on batteries and rechargeable batteries and on amendment of Decree No. 383/2001 Coll., on details of waste management, as subsequently amended was approved, which the Ministry of the Environment defines in accordance with Section 31 letters b–n of Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on Waste, effective from 15 June 2010.

All batteries and rechargeable batteries must be marked with the graphic symbol of a crossed-out waste bin, which is the symbol designating products subject to take-back.

All batteries containing the following metals must also be marked with a chemical symbol for the appropriate metal:

  • more than 0.0005% of mercury (Hg)
  • more than 0.002% of cadmium (Cd)
  • more than 0.004% of lead (Pb)

We have prepared for you the current wordings of those parts of the Waste Act relating to batteries and rechargeable batteries.