13. 9. 2022

An ASEKOL container has been used in a firefighting drill simulating a fire in an electric car!

ASEKOL provided a modified large-volume container for a firefighting drill simulating extinguishing a fire in an electric car. And how did they put the electric car fire out? For your interest, we’ve prepared a brief reportage video from the event, where you can see professional firefighters and their rescue equipment in action. “Nowadays there is […]

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30. 8. 2022

Recycling of e-waste as the main principle of the circular economy!

Turning old into new 👉 or with every end a new beginning comes! Recycling of e-waste and reuse of materials ♻️🔌📱💻🖥⌨️🖨 is a part of circular economy as sustainable development! 🌿🌎 The circular economy is based on the re-use of materials, which at the same time helps to reduce the production of waste. The rate […]

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4. 8. 2022


Free repairs for defective electrical appliances! This is a unique event that is continuing in Opava in response to the great interest shown by the general public. In cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Opava Repair Shop and Charity, we will be continuing to repair defective electrical appliances in Opava. When? The dates will […]

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1. 8. 2022

Schools involved in the Recyklohraní programme have collected 134,4 tons of obsolete electrical appliances and 105,5 tons of batteries!

ASEKOL is a long-standing partner of the Recyklohraní programme, otherwise known as Clean up the World. This project was launched in 2008 and the aim is to inform and education nursery, elementary and secondary school pupils and students all over the Czech Republic about environmental problems and the importance of recycling. Interesting environment-related tasks are […]

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12. 7. 2022


Every year, the municipalities whose residents are best at sorting waste receive an award. These competitions are part of a regional information campaign focusing on promoting waste collection and sorting in towns and cities in the Czech Republic.   More specifically, an award is presented in relation to the “Ceramic Earphone” competition for sorting retired […]

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1. 7. 2022

ASEKOL was the first, and remains the only one, to obtain a licence to operate a compliance scheme according to the new Act on End-of-Life Products!

The ASEKOL is the first compliance scheme in the Czech Republic that has met all the strict conditions and requirements given by the new legislation for operating a compliance scheme for take-back of EEE. Our long-term and careful work has clearly paid off again, and in this way, ASEKOL has demonstrated that, within its integrity, […]

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21. 6. 2022

19th Annual MOSTY Awards Ceremony 2022

The gala evening featuring the MOSTY 2022 awards ceremony was held this time in Hradec Králové. The MOSTY Awards are given out annually by the Czech National Disability Council with the aim of supporting activities making important contributions to improving the standing of disabled individuals and their engagement in society.  The Council is a non-profit […]

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23. 5. 2022

The ASEKOL Company has been awarded the prestigious Czech Business Superbrands title for the third time!

The ASEKOL compliance scheme has successfully defended this prestigious title for the third time now, which means that ASEKOL is one of the Czech Business Superbrands for 2022. Superbrands is a highly respected independent global authority in the field of rating and awarding business brands. The Superbrands title is a special status symbol and acknowledgement […]

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3. 5. 2022

Explore how TVs are recycled!

Every year 400 milion new TVs and monitors are sold worldwide. To prevent the old ones from accumulating in landfills and at the same time to exploit their material potential – the sorting and recycling of electronic waste is of great importance to all of us! The compliance scheme ASEKOL has been taking care of […]

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21. 4. 2022

ASEKOL is the first compliance scheme in the Czech Republic to Obtain International Social Responsibility Certificate!

We behave responsibly and this is shown by a newly-awarded international social responsibility certificate.ASEKOL is the first compliance scheme in the Czech Republic that has managed to obtain a prestigious international SA 8000 certificate after a thorough audit. Our main aim is to handle environmentally-friendly processing of used electrical appliances, and we are also increasing […]

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