11. 9. 2015

Jan Vrba: we are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle electronics

Ten years ago, with the birth of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) recycling and the non-profit organization, stood ASEKOL. Thanks to their innovative approach, Jan Vrba and his team from ASEKOL succeeded in flooding the Czech Republic with red containers and teaching Czech citizens to recycle not only large electronic appliances but also minor ones. “ In August 2015, when the adjusted law regarding take-back and recycling of EEE became valid on the basis of European regulations, Czechs were recycling a little more than 2kg of EEE per person per year. Today it is 5kg of returned obsolete EEE per person per year, which means that we surpass the mandatory European standards by a quarter,” says Jan Vrba, the Chairman of the Board of the non-profit organization ASEKOL. Czech citizens therefore managed to double the volume of recycled appliances per individual within ten years. They belong to the leaders of Central and Eastern Europe and the amount of recycled obsolete EEE is equivalent to that of the western European states.

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8. 9. 2015


ASEKOL Wins for Czech Republic in Prestigious Awards competition

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10. 8. 2015

Last stop of PRIMA roadshow was in Žatec

On Saturday, the final stop of roadshow named Prima goes…for you was held on the square in Žatec.

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28. 7. 2015

From the storage to the Mount Everest

The development of creativity, imagination and awaken the interest on the sorting and recycling of waste. All of this is a sense of the competition named „Assort with Nikita“.

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16. 7. 2015

Collection Yard of the Year 2015 competition begins!

We have just launched once again for 2015 the Collection Yard of the Year competition. Its objective is to find the best collection yard in the Czech Republic, meaning a yard that is well maintained, has helpful staff and friendly opening hours, is as accessible as possible, and collects a wide range of commodities. What are the competition’s rules?

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15. 7. 2015

Prima with our red team stopped on Saturday in Teplice

On Saturday our, so called, “red team” came to Teplice, where in the framework of the roadshow Prima goes ... for you, was rich program for children and adults.

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7. 7. 2015

On Saturday, another stop of red team in Tábor

A total of 162 kg old electric and electronic appliances was collected in Tábor. Ms. Steinbauerová brought beautiful 246 pieces and won a brand new smartphone.

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30. 6. 2015

With the red team we headed to Ústí nad Labem

On Saturday you could meet us on central square in Ústí nad Labem in the roadshow Prima goes ... for you. 65 pieces of used electric and electronic appliences brought Mr Naď and won so branded smart phone.

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22. 6. 2015

Saturday roadshow was held in Prague

On Saturday at the Prague Exhibition centre was the next stop of the roadshow Prima goes...for you.

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17. 6. 2015

June in Hradec Will Be Red

Residents of Hradec Králové have had the opportunity for four years to dispose of worn-out and obsolete small electronics in 20 stationary red containers situated throughout the city.

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