16. 5. 2017

Cyclomarathon, Around the cities despite disabilities or Friendly festival?

This year, we've become partners of the Dream Journey events. Therefore we will attend "sports events despite disabilities." Where are we going to meet and what can you experience?

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4. 5. 2017


The conference revolved around three important and topical themes: Digitisation and Innovation, Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency, and Extended Producer Responsibility.

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2. 5. 2017

Mobile red containers are coming to you

Mobile container will be placed in Prague 8 at the beginning of May. That way it can also be used by residents who don't usually have access to stationary red containers.

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27. 4. 2017

Prague in red all sumer

Alongside with the city of Prague we’re launching the “Prague in red” summer event. Do you know where to find a red container in your area? If the answer is yes, then sort out your old electronic devices and batteries at home and throw them into one.

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21. 4. 2017

ASEKOL donated a solar station, it will serve both locals and tourists

Today in the afternoon there was a ceremonial handover of an outdoor solar station to charge mobile phones in Horní Bradlo. The solar recharge station was acquired by the village of Lipka near Horní Bradlo as a prize in the Tree of the Year 2016 poll for the highest number of collected mobile phones to be recycled.

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3. 4. 2017

The ACTIVE VILLAGE competition starts

There's a 20,000 Kč winning prize waiting for a winner! Support your village, sort out your old electronic devies at home and throw them into the nearest red container.

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30. 3. 2017

Yearly report for Ministry of the Environment handed over in advance

In synch with valid legislative requirements, ASEKOL company published the yearly report for contract manufacturers in the collective system on 30th March for the year 2016.

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17. 3. 2017

Koruna za kilo (Crown for a kilo) project collects awards, thank you!

Out of 50 nominations the expert committee at MOSTY awards chose finalists twice. ASEKOL succeeded in the non-governmental organization category.

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10. 3. 2017

Red container is mobile and on its way around Prague this weekend

Mobile container will be placed in Prague 1, 2 and 4 during March. That way it can be used by residents, who don’t have a stationary red container in their area.

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27. 2. 2017

Cookbook for an old mobile phone

During March the public has the chance to use MOBILOMAT. It’s a dispenser for old mobile phones. Throwing one in can get you a prize an it supports orphanages where ASEKOL gives a new one for every hundred of old ones.

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