The ACTIVE VILLAGE competition starts

The ACTIVE VILLAGE competition starts

3. 4. 2017

From April till the end of June it’s possible to register and join the competition.

What will you get?

A village with the most points becomes the winner. The main prize is a 20,000 Kč check made for improving the village’s costs connected with waste. On top of that, the best village out of every region gets a gift package with promotional items.

Every winning village also gets a certificate of support for the National Board of the Handicapped in Czech Republic.

How can you join?

Send the following details to an email address [email protected]:

Village name; IČO of the village; Amount of residents; Contact person; Email; Phone number.


Then you will be registered for the competition.

When will the results be announced?

In September, winning villages will be contacted and prizes will be handed over.