ASEKOL donated a solar station, it will serve both locals and tourists

21. 4. 2017

Today in the afternoon there was a ceremonial handover of an outdoor solar station to charge mobile phones in Horní Bradlo. The solar recharge station was acquired by the village of Lipka near Horní Bradlo as a prize in the Tree of the Year 2016 poll for the highest number of collected mobile phones to be recycled.

ASEKOL representatives and the Partnership Foundation handed over the prize today in the presence of the mayor, local residents and elementary school students.

The Tree of the Year 2016 poll in cooperation with ASEKOL supported the thought of recycling discarded electronic devices. Voters had the chance to collect used mobile phones and afterwards send them to the company for further processing. Tree in the finals got 20 extra votes for each one of the collected phones. In total, more than 6 000 of them were handed over for recycling. The winning tree helped to collect 1700 mobile phones. “The enormous support and personal involvement of locals were a nice surprise. We believe that the solar recharge station here will be used as another community place. ASEKOL promotes renewable energy through solar systems in the same way as through recycling electronic devices,” says Martina Martínková of ASEKOL.

“Recycling these mobile phones will not require the extraction of many minerals, saving thousands of gallons of water, reducing energy consumption and other waste production,” explains Andrea Krůpová, coordinator of the Tree of the Year poll.