Koruna za kilo (Crown for a kilo) project collects awards, thank you!

17. 3. 2017

Out of 50 nominations the expert committee at MOSTY awards chose finalists twice. ASEKOL succeeded in the non-governmental organization category.

National board of people with health disabilities handed over the award on 16th March in 2017 in Hradec Králové (MOSTY awards 2016).

ASEKOL won in the second category for a non-governmental organization with their project Koruna za kilo. It connects spreading the word around eco recycling of electronic and the suppot of employing persons with health disabilities. After 2 years of functioning the project was able to give 2 millions CZK for the support of employing the handicapped, retraining courses or the so called EUROKLÍČ, meaning making the handicapped access social devices.

NRZP ČR annouces the MOSTY awards since 2003. The awards is supossed to motivate cities, communities, businessman and also individuals for long-term projects to benefit people with health disabilities. NRZP ČR mainly appreciates long-term projects.