16. 10. 2014

Tender for processing electrical and electronic equipment for 2015

Last year, ASEKOL decided to include even more sheltered workshops than previously in processing old electronics, and it issued an open tender for processing an additional 1,000 tonnes of e-waste.

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26. 9. 2014

Autumn cleaning with collection yards in Ostrava.

An event focused on collecting worn-out and obsolete electrical appliances will take place at Ostrava’s collection yards in October.

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22. 9. 2014

Would you like to win an MP4 player and support the environment?

A special event to support collection of small electronics is currently underway in the Liberec and Ústí nad Labem regions at selected red containers.

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8. 9. 2014

Thousands of people filled Lucerna – they exchanged old mobiles for a concert!

More than 2,000 people rocked on Saturday night at a concert at Lucerna.

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1. 9. 2014

Red containers – the autumn campaign begins!!!

The large autumn campaign organised by ASEKOL to support red containers begins on 4 September. The promotional tour will inform inhabitants of Czech cities in an entertaining and competitive way about the existence of the red containers, their location, their method of use, and the benefits of recycling small electronics.

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5. 8. 2014

ASEKOL further expands support for protected workshops

In mid-July, a special committee announced the results of a tender process for processing 1,000 tonnes of e-waste in the second half of 2014.

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18. 6. 2014

Kabát for a Mobile charity event lets us participate in donations to hospitals

In co-operation with the partners of the Kabát for a Mobile charity project, the Drop of Hope Foundation and Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, s.r.o., we are continuing to donate to hospitals’ paediatric wards.

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14. 6. 2014

Kabát za mobil oceněn v České ceně za PR

Asociace PR agentur dne 10. 6. 2014 vyhlásila a slavnostně předala ceny 9. ročníku soutěže Česká cena za public relations.

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1. 6. 2014

Do you have an unused mobile phone? You can get a free ticket to bobsled in exchange for one.

The bobsled in Kutná Hora is the longest one in the Czech Republic and second one in Europe. You can enjoy two circuits, recreational and adrenaline, both with many serpentines and the field breaks.

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12. 5. 2014

Football Match against the Stars for Old Mobile Phones

This year, the ASEKOL not-for-profit organisation joined the Green Life project of the League Football Association and created the unique Mobilcup charity football tournament.

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