Football Match against the Stars for Old Mobile Phones

12. 5. 2014

This year, the ASEKOL not-for-profit organisation joined the Green Life project of the League Football Association and created the unique Mobilcup charity football tournament.

The principle of the tournament is that people collect old phones, hand them over to ASEKOL, and then can participate in a five-a-side football tournament. The winner will compete against a team of such stars as Jakub Kohák, Zdeněk Grygera, Jaromír Blažek, Radoslav Kováč and Marek Jankulovski.

“People have 8.5 million old and unused mobile phones that qualify for recycling and are lying about in their homes. We want in a fun way to motivate the public to separate waste and to raise awareness as to the benefits of recycling,” explains Kristina Mikulová from ASEKOL.

The tournament winners can look forward to a trip to the Champions League, and other participants will be rewarded with Puma shirts and footballs, supplies of Gambrinus beer and new Samsung mobile phones. The entire tournament also has a charity dimension. “In addition to helping the environment by recycling old mobile phones, people will support a good cause. The tournament will also result in a CZK 500,000 donation to the Green Life Foundation Fund,” says Alena Šeredová, patron of the Green Life project.