ASEKOL further expands support for protected workshops

5. 8. 2014

In mid-July, a special committee announced the results of a tender process for processing 1,000 tonnes of e-waste in the second half of 2014.

The committee was chaired by Václav Krása, Chairman of the Czech National Disability Council. “I certainly welcome ASEKOL’s initiative, and I hope that other companies will participate in a similar form of support for people with disabilities. This type of assistance makes sense for people with physical disabilities. It motivates them by providing them opportunity to participate in everyday life and not to be reliant on benefits. I joined with ASEKOL to help in transparently selecting those protected workshops that will receive more work thanks to its support,” Mr Krása said in explaining his participation in the project. The winners of the tender process were the protected workshops ECO-RETEL s.r.o. and Maleč s.r.o.

ASEKOL now co-operates with seven protected workshops which can employ more than 150 people requiring special workplace opportunities. As a result of the decision to include more protected workshops in processing old electronic devices and to launch a tender process for another 1,000 tonnes, 20 more people with disabilities will find jobs. In 2013, a protected workshop employee processed on average 17.1 tonnes of waste, the recycling of which requires skilful handling. Last year, ASEKOL delivered almost 3,000 tonnes of end-of-life appliances to protected workshops and also paid them nearly CZK 4 million more than the same work would have cost at other contracting partners. ASEKOL will continue further to develop and support long-term co-operation with protected workshops.