Kabát for a Mobile charity event lets us participate in donations to hospitals

18. 6. 2014

In co-operation with the partners of the Kabát for a Mobile charity project, the Drop of Hope Foundation and Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, s.r.o., we are continuing to donate to hospitals’ paediatric wards.

Samsung presented CZK 1,000,000 in proceeds from the charity concert to Vendula Svobodová, founder and president of the Drop of Hope Foundation, right on the spot. ASEKOL donated mobile phones valued at CZK 149,500 to child haematology patients.

The gift of money from this project was divided equally among the University Hospital Hradec Králové, University Hospital Plzeň, University Hospital in Motol, University Hospital Ostrava, University Hospital Ústí nad Labem, Hospital Olomouc and Uherské hradiště Hospital. In addition to a proportion of the proceeds, the Drop of Hope Foundation also donated CZK 100,000 to each hospital. Needed equipment was purchased in accordance with the specific requirements of the hospitals and individual wards.

Several donation ceremonies could be attended by representatives of all partners: Elen Švarcová, the director of the Foundation; David Mrzena, Senior Customer & Service Manager at Samsung; Karel Krejsa, Director of the Business and Marketing Department at ASEKOL; and, of course, Drop of Hope’s founder and president, Vendula Svobodová. The donated equipment fulfils various needs. For example, University Hospital in Motol received a machine to purify the blood of patients having autoimmune diseases and of patients having to undergo repeated kidney transplants. University Hospital Plzeň received a special bed with a pressure-redistributive mattress for long-term care patients, who frequently have complications with bed sores. And the Children’s Clinic at the University Hospital Hradec Králové was given an instrument for measuring blood oxygenation rate, infant scales and an air purifier.

Many thanks are due not only to all partners who participated in the project, the Drop of Hope Foundation and Samsung, but, of course, also to everyone who attended the concert.