14. 12. 2018

Donate a Mobile Phone Project begins in Recycling Games

Together with the beginning of December, Recycling Games Project and ASEKOL organizes the 9th annual collection project. Till the end of January 2019 pupils have an oportunity to gather as many phones as possible and win the trip into the ZOO.

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10. 12. 2018

Even a cell phone can help

In the South Moravian Region ASEKOL has combined education and charity into a beneficial project. The collection of discarded mobile phones has provided financial support to LILA, the Children's Home for Disabled Children Otice, and also pointed out that it is possible to recycle small electronic devices such as mobile phones.

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26. 11. 2018

Donate a cell phone to the Seniors’ Home Luhačovice

The Elementary School in Luhacovice, with the support of the Zlín Region, has decided to participate in the project Doate a sell phone, which organizes ASEKOL collective scheme. For each cell phone collected, 25 CZK will go to Seniors' Home. Moreover, anyone who brings an old phone could gain the new Samsung Galaxy J3!

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Active municipality in Zlín region is Zlín, itself!

"I would like to thank all citizens of Zlín who use red containers, thanks to which they can not hand over small appliances and batteries to the collection yard," says Vladimíra Pavlovová, head of the Department of Environment and Agriculture of the Zlín municipality.

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19. 11. 2018

Change in categories of EEE from January 2019

Since August 15, 2018, an amendment to the Waste Act 185/2001 Coll., Concerning the change of the categories of electrical equipment and the extension of the range of electrical and electronic equipment covered by the take back, came into force. This amendment comes into force on 1st January 2019.

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5. 11. 2018

Ecological education makes sense, thanks to ECOALPHABET

For less than a year, teachers at schools participating in the Recycling Games or Clean up the world have the opportunity to use the latest ECOALPHABET - teaching material entitled Could We Live Without Waste? In the survey, INESAN compared whether the prevalence of pupils from participating elementary schools differs from their peers. And the differences are already visible.

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1. 11. 2018

Examples of Good Practice: LOM Preschool

At the beginning of the whole thing was a discarded, malfunctioning tape recorder, a young, temperamental and enthusiastic teacher at the Kindergarten in Lom found with children while walking in the woods. Followed by the registration of the Recycling Games, processing of difficult tasks, placing the so-called E-wasteeaters around, collecting of 100 old phones for one new for a friend and then go straight for the ECO teacher of the year!

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29. 10. 2018

We know the regional winners of the ACTIVE MUNICIPALITY 2018 competition

We would like to thank all the cities and municipalities that participated in the ACTIVE OBJECTIVE 2018. We again saw the increase in collections of small WEEE in red containers during the competition period compared to the same period of the previous year. On average, it was 9% and even in the 31 most active municipalities it was over 10%.

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24. 10. 2018

ASEKOL contributed to the new cystoscope at Bulovka Hospital

Department of Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Bulovka Hospital took over a symbolic check for the amount of nearly CZK 330,000 for the acquisition of a new cystoscope. Among the donors was the ASEKOL collective scheme and the Prague 8 City Hall.

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22. 10. 2018

ASEKOL enjoyed the end of summer in Prague 8

The third year of the popular farewell event took place on Thursday, October 11, 2018, on the sunny Zernosecka meadow. Thanks to the great weather and the rich program, the event was attended by over a thousand children, especially kindergartens and elementary schools from the eighth district, as well as the general public.

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