Donate a cell phone to the Seniors’ Home Luhačovice

26. 11. 2018

The Elementary School in Luhacovice, with the support of the Zlín Region, has decided to participate in the project Doate a sell phone, which organizes ASEKOL collective scheme. For each cell phone collected, 25 CZK will go to Seniors' Home. Moreover, anyone who brings an old phone could gain the new Samsung Galaxy J3!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear children,

we would be glad if you were involved in a charity and collectible event that our school in cooperation with Zlín region and ASEKOL collective scheme.

The principle of aid is the collection of old mobile phones that will go for ecological disposal.

The amount of CZK 25 will be credited for each collected device at the Luhačovice Seniors’ Home.

We want to help not only to get more money to expand the activities and equipment of the Home, but also to point out that everything can be effectively recycled today, including small electrical appliances often ending up in mixed municipal waste.

For every handed out device within our school, you will receive a ticket for the draw that will take place after the event ends. Losing the new Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 mobile phone! (So, for example, for two old phones you will contribute CZK 50 to the Seniors Home and you will receive two tickets for a new phone.)

Thank you in advance for your support!

Term: 12.11. – 10.12.2018

Elementary School of Luhacovice