Active municipality in Zlín region is Zlín, itself!

26. 11. 2018

"I would like to thank all citizens of Zlín who use red containers, thanks to which they can not hand over small appliances and batteries to the collection yard," says Vladimíra Pavlovová, head of the Department of Environment and Agriculture of the Zlín municipality.

The winner was deciding on the overall recovery rate of red containers during the given period and the intensity of media coverage of issues related to the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment in the press or online media. “At the start of the competition, we created rules that would not favor larger cities where containers are more, and on the contrary discriminate small municipalities where only one is needed. That is why we have chosen to be the one of the key criteria for the yield in kilograms per capita, “says Dan Hladilin, Regional Manager for the Zlín Region.

Sorting packaging waste is a matter of course for most Czech households every day, but the sorting of electrical waste as well as other less-represented waste is still lagging behind and the benefits of handing over for recycling must be intensively communicated. During the duration of the ACTIVE MUNICIPALITY competition, the municipalities involved recorded a 10% increase in red collection in the red containers. The financial reward associated with the awarding of the title will be donated to the Children and Youth Association ASTRA Zlín, a contributory organization, for the implementation of educational programs focusing on environmental education.