Examples of Good Practice: LOM Preschool

1. 11. 2018

At the beginning of the whole thing was a discarded, malfunctioning tape recorder, a young, temperamental and enthusiastic teacher at the Kindergarten in Lom found with children while walking in the woods. Followed by the registration of the Recycling Games, processing of difficult tasks, placing the so-called E-wasteeaters around, collecting of 100 old phones for one new for a friend and then go straight for the ECO teacher of the year!

How did it all begin, how did children, parents, inhabitants of the city inspire an extensive project? And what, in the competition of many dozen kindergartens, primary and secondary schools from the whole Czech Republic eventually won? “At the beginning of everything was a discarded, inoperative tape recorder in a forest we discovered with children. Our subsequent explanation unleashed a lot of questions. The kids asked, they were interested, and it occurred to us that it would be a few conscious sentences, and there is little that this is definitely not enough. And it was! “Says Ms. Hubková. After that, things were quickly picked up – project planning, the formulation of the right slogans, a lot of creative work in the production and copying of posters, leaflets, news and administrative activities, production of containers and their placement in local shops, city offices, , co-operation with a collection court, small entrepreneurs, education and dissemination of information leaflets, lots of educational thematic walks, lessons, lessons, collective environmental work on specific topics, addressing and motivation of children and their parents and grandparents and much more, all and much more she was carrying the challenge “The ECO teacher of the Year 2017/18. Among the projects was the collection of mobile phones in the charity project Donate a cell phone, which organizes the collective scheme ASEKOL. For one hundred telephones, children from the kindergarten donated a new phone, as they say, “a friend.”