Donate a Mobile Phone Project begins in Recycling Games

14. 12. 2018

Together with the beginning of December, Recycling Games Project and ASEKOL organizes the 9th annual collection project. Till the end of January 2019 pupils have an oportunity to gather as many phones as possible and win the trip into the ZOO.

The fact that this competition makes sense testifies to its results. Only 8,729 mobile phones were collected in the past campaign. In all years, more than 50,000 mobile phones have been gathered and recycled. With the results of the sales of new devices, it is estimated that in Czech households there are still 8 million unused mobile phones in the drawers and cabinets. Thanks to separate collection, they can be recycled very efficiently. Did you know, for example, that the recycling of hundreds of mobile phones saved around 25 l of oil? This corresponds to the consumption of the average car on the way from Prague to Brno. There will also be lower waste production and CO2 emissions, recycling will reduce water consumption and save electricity.