150 people brought the electro to the Street Festival

2. 7. 2018

ASEKOL, in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Region, collected old electrical appliances in exchange for tickets to Colors of Ostrava. Retired electrics could be presented at the Street Festival of Černá louka on 29th and 30th June at a stand entitled Elektrohrátky.

The first weekend in Ostrava was the eighth year of the Street Festival, the main part of which took place on the Černá louka and the Ostrava Castle. From Czech bands and performers, visitors were most appreciated by Aneta Langerová and Dara Rolins.

The Street Festival is one of the biggest summer events in Ostrava. For two days, the center of Ostrava turns into a magnificent feast full of entertainment and art. It offers concerts of great Czech and foreign artists, dozens of jamming musicians in the streets, street theaters, drummers, workshops, competitions, games or sports activities. ASEKOL rejoined the celebration with its red team, stand and bouncy castle in the shape of a red container.

“We were very surprised how many people brought us the old electroon the way for the concerts, and it was mostly not just one piece, so we could easily fill up three big jute bags,” says Zdeněk Kovářík, Regional Manager of ASEKOL in the Moravian-Silesian Region and adds “I’m delighted that the action was successful despite the cold weather and that a large majority of people know about red containers and recycling of electricity. “