19th Annual MOSTY Awards Ceremony 2022

21. 6. 2022

The gala evening featuring the MOSTY 2022 awards ceremony was held this time in Hradec Králové. The MOSTY Awards are given out annually by the Czech National Disability Council with the aim of supporting activities making important contributions to improving the standing of disabled individuals and their engagement in society.  The Council is a non-profit umbrella organisation which has promoted the interests of the disabled since 2000 in order to facilitate the integration of these individuals into society.

The MOSTY Awards are handed out for extraordinary activities benefiting citizens with disabilities. The award itself has an impressive glazed ceramic design in the form of human hands creating a bridge.

As a proud, long-term partner of the Council, ASEKOL was naturally on hand at this important event. ASEKOL was represented at the awards ceremony by Sales and Marketing Director Daniel Šafář, who had nothing but praise for the proceedings and organisation of the entire evening. This year marked the 15th awards ceremony held under the auspices of former First Lady Livia Klausová.

The winner in Category I – Public Administration – was the City of Hradec Králové for the construction of a building for the development of relief services and for the establishment of a registered institute.

The winner in Category II – Non-State Subject – was the company Emil Frey for the project HANDYCARS – a comprehensive programme of transportation mobility for disabled individuals.

The winner in Category III – Disability Movement Personality – was Pavel Hejhal. Pavel Hejhal is one of the painters who paints mouths for the UMÚN Publishing House. Following an auto accident, he became fully paralysed and had to be connected permanently to a lung ventilator. Pavel’s art also helps raise funds for handicapped citizens.

The special award in Category IV was accepted by Czech Television’s Václav Myslík (production director) and Vladimír Salzman (head of services for sensory impaired viewers) for the great increase in interpretation into Czech Sign Language during the pandemic from the hands of the handicapped professional Dakar Rally racer and UNICEF Ambassador Albert Llovera.

This year, the organiser decided to hand out a special award to Slovak Railways for extraordinarily accommodating and dynamic cooperation aimed at benefiting the disabled.  

Entertainment at the awards ceremony featured lovely performances by Helena Vondráčková and Felix Slováček.  A benefit auction of a painting by Pavel Hejhal, an artist who paints mouths, was also held during the ceremonial afternoon.

On behalf of ASEKOL, we would like to congratulate all of the winners. Last but not least, we also thank the Czech National Disability Council for their valuable activities and we wish them many more successful events and projects!


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