30 Days for the Earth Challenge

23. 9. 2021

The zoological garden in Liberec is announcing a challenge under the title of “Thirty Days for the Earth” in cooperation with the Liberec Region. This challenge is intended as an entertaining incentive to behave more considerately towards the environment for at least one full month.

Both individuals and groups can take part in the challenge, the principle of which is that you can draw inspiration from one of the previously determined challenge tasks and gradually record fulfilment of the challenge into a record sheet. After you complete the challenge, simply fill in a questionnaire about the success you have achieved. Both of the documents can be downloaded here.

This challenge includes 30 tasks and one of these is a task consisting of recycling electrical appliances in relation to the long-term partnership between ZOO Liberec and the ASEKOL Company. Other challenge tasks that you can try revolve around repairing older used items so that they can be reused, recycling surplus clothing, planting a tree, making a bird box, not throwing away any food, not using plastic bags, purchasing products from a local farmer or observing and perceiving the nature around you.

You can find more information about the challenge and how to take part in it here.

Source: ZOO Liberec