7 brave couples in Wenceslas Square

14. 4. 2018

7 couples - handicapped one on a wheelchair, healthy one on roller skates - ride on Wenceslas Square 24 hours a day. Each kilometer meant financial support for one of the charity projects. The ASEKOL team consisted of a business department represented by Jiří Jančík and the Sledgehammer Zdeněk Šafránka, they took almost 450 km!

The accompanying program included information on take back of WEEE, bidders had a biathlon shooting range, a professional racing simulator, virtual reality, super prize competitions, rowing simulators, handbikes and more. We have been listening to interviews with paralympics who participated in Korea 2018. 100 anniversary of the Republic were celebrated by the presentation of the best of the Czech Republic in the form of a half-mile track with scenes of the most beautiful and interesting places in the Czech Republic.

Together, we can prove that sport and active life are for all without difference!