27. 11. 2023

23 November 2023 saw the grand announcement of the Active Region and Active Municipality environmental competitions at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague. The event was a tribute to regions and municipalities that sort e-waste properly and at the same time strive to raise awareness about how end-of-life electrical appliances should be sorted and recycled. During the gala evening, ASEKOL presented awards to these municipalities and regions for their excellent results in collecting e-waste and for their extraordinary efforts to promote sustainability and an environmental mindset.

The Active Region competition category devoted to the largest quantity of electrical appliances collected was won by the South Bohemian Region, having demonstrated its commitment and success in collecting and recycling electrical equipment. Its citizens have shown extraordinary dedication and responsibility in collecting e-waste, and by having the end-of-life appliances they collect recycled, they are helping to promote sustainability and protect the environment in the long term. Another no less important award in the Active Region competition is for raising awareness about the sorting and recycling of electrical waste, which went to the Pardubice Region. Spreading awareness and helping to show citizens the correct way to dispose of e-waste plays a key role in achieving our ecological goals. Both award-winning regions therefore received an extraordinary contribution of CZK 200,000 from the ASEKOL compliance scheme in recognition of their awareness-raising activities.

The same categories were also announced in the Active Municipality competition. The city of Olomouc came out top in the category of collecting end-of-life electrical appliances, while the city of Ústí nad Labem won the awareness-raising award. The results show that the public is very well informed and given excellent support in the correct handling of e-waste, and in recognition of this both winners receive an extraordinary contribution of CZK 150,000 to promote awareness-raising activities.

The Active Region and Active Municipality environmental competitions reflect the considerable efforts municipalities and regions take to encourage sustainability and the responsible management of end-of-life electrical appliances. Active Region and Active Municipality are thus not only an opportunity to show recognition of these efforts, but also serve as inspiration and motivation to achieve great results in the future!

Jan Vrba, Chairman of the ASEKOL Board of Directors, personally congratulated all the winners on their excellent results and added:”I would like to thank all our partners and clients for their long-standing trust and cooperation – you are what motivates us to keep constantly improving”.