An ASEKOL container has been used in a firefighting drill simulating a fire in an electric car!

13. 9. 2022

ASEKOL provided a modified large-volume container for a firefighting drill simulating extinguishing a fire in an electric car. And how did they put the electric car fire out? For your interest, we’ve prepared a brief reportage video from the event, where you can see professional firefighters and their rescue equipment in action.

“Nowadays there is a huge boom in electric, and we see extinguishing a fire in an electric vehicle as a major challenge. Similar drills are being carried out in the Czech Republic; we don’t want to be left behind and want to be ready for this type of incident,” said Jihlava fire station chief Jaromír Poul.

The firefighters first freed an injured person from the electric car and then used smoke bombs to simulate a fire in the vehicle. “We used jets of water to put out the fire. A modified container was brought onto the site; we towed the car into it and then flooded with it water. The electric car remained in the container full of water until it stopped burning,” explained the fire station chief. During the drill the firefighters came up with several minor improvements to help extinguish and handle the damaged vehicle. “The car was hard to control and access, so we needed to make certain modifications. We are also finding out how long it takes to fill the container at standard hydrant pressure. This is all a major benefit to us,” concluded Jaromír Poul.