As of 1 June 2023 ASEKOL is increasing contributions for collection yards

1. 6. 2023

From 1 June we are increasing the remuneration we pay to our contractual collection points. What’s new is that from the beginning of June we will also be paying remuneration for collected electrical equipment that comes under groups 2 and 3. There was formerly no contribution for these types of electrical equipment. Collection points will now receive a contribution of CZK 0.5 for each kilogram of light sources, screens, monitors and devices containing screens that they collect. The remuneration for the collection of electrical equipment in groups 4, 5 and 6 remains the same. We are also increasing the contributions paid to collection points for equipment that comes under group 1. We will now be paying collection points CZK 2.5 for each delivered kilogram of heat exchange electrical equipment collected.

Change to the amount of contributions from 1 June 2023  
Group of electrical equipment according to the relevant agreement  Amount of contribution / 1 kg (CZK excluding VAT)
Group 1 (Cooling, heat exchange equipment)  2.5
Group 2 (Screens, monitors and equipment containing screens)  0.5
Group 3 (Light sources)  0.5
Group 4 (Large equipment)  2
Groups 5 and 6 (Small equipment)  2.5

Last year was a record-breaking year for ASEKOL

Our strict targets can only be achieved through long-standing cooperation with partners and a widely contracted and stable collection network that grows every year. “We would like to thank all our contractual partners for helping us to achieve such success. Last year we again managed to meet the collection targets and to collect a record 55 500 tons of electrical equipment from all the regions around the country,” says Daniel Šafář, Sales and Marketing Director. The largest quantity of end-of-life electrical equipment was collected in the South Bohemian Region. “Last year we paid out CZK 18,432,689 to collection points and we’re pleased to say that the adjustment to the remuneration tariff enables us to increase the contributions paid to collection points,” adds Daniel Šafář, Sales and Marketing Director.