ASEKOL collected 19,185 tun last year

7. 3. 2018

In 2017, almost the same as in the previous year, 19,185 tonnes of old electrical equipment were taken back in ASEKOL in the Czech Republic. In Central Bohemia, the highest volume was collected, but the Pardubice Region won the conversion per inhabitant.

This quantity was recovered in all ten categories of electonic and electrical equipment, with the largest share of televisions, monitors and cooling. The volume of retrospectively recovered light sources increases year-on-year, mainly thanks to mutual cooperation with municipalities. The collection of small electrical appliances remains stable, especially thanks to red containers, which are currently 3 390 in the whole Czech Republic, about 500 more than last year.

On average, every citizen of the Czech Republic will throw out 1.85 kilograms of retired electrical appliances per year. The citizens of the Pardubice Region are the most responsible for the sorting of the old EEE, where there are 2.25 kilograms handed over to one citizen. Right behind them is the Vysočina Region with 2.12 kilograms per inhabitant and the South Bohemian Region with 2.05 kilograms. The tradition of the Central Bohemian Region has traditionally been a leader in the volume of collected devices with 2,521 tons in 2017. The collection of wasted electrical equipment has a positive contribution to the environment in particular. For an idea – about 19,000 tons of old electricity means a saving of more than 113,000 cubic meters of water, a figure that would consume about 1,000 four-person households during one year of showering.