ASEKOL collected a record amount of electrical waste in 2021!

14. 2. 2022

Strict collection quotas transferred on the basis of EU regulations have applied in the Czech Republic from 2021. These quotas impose on compliance schemes the duty of collecting 65% of the electrical devices that were put onto the market by their clients. Even in many advanced European countries, compliance schemes are failing to meet this strict limit. The biggest challenge for all compliance schemes is ensuring collection of electrical waste from households. Because non-functional small household appliances very often end up in cellars or in the communal waste. This is why ASEKOL has been establishing a highly-developed collection network focusing on collection of large appliances through recycling centres, as well as a globally unique network of red waste containers intended for small household appliances, for some time now. ASEKOL operates compliance schemes in 3 countries and has an unbelievable 17.5 thousand take-back sites, where citizens can hand in old electrical appliances, in the Czech Republic alone.

In 2021 ASEKOL continued its success from previous years, when it always met all its clients’ legal obligations, including meeting the collection quota. It achieved this goal through record-breaking collection of electrical waste in the volume of 46.9 thousand tons, thereby exceeding the strict quota by 65%. This amount has the same environmental effect as the annual water consumption of a city with a population of 60 thousand. It also means that 34 thousand tons of primary raw materials did not have to be extracted.

All the organisations and citizens who correctly sort waste deserve credit for this record-breaking collection of waste materials. Recycling has become an integral part of our modern lives and is one of the pillars of a circular economy. As well as environmental conservation, it also offers the opportunity to recover used materials to make new devices.

Thank you for recycling with us.