20. 7. 2023

ASEKOL prides itself on its cooperation with various artists who combine aesthetics with sustainability and ecology, reach out to a wider audience and offer new perspectives on how we see waste, recycling and sustainability. Therefore, the ASEKOL compliance scheme is also developing the Art of Sorting project – a concept that brings together aesthetics, creativity and environmental responsibility.

The Prague Quadrennial included an exhibition in the National Gallery in Prague, presenting a set of art media ranging from various art installations, works and sculptures through to videos, interactive presentations and more. This exhibition also included the artistic installation entitled ASSEMBLE by the acclaimed Australian artist Suzon Fuks, of whom ASEKOL was a partner.

The artwork was entirely created from end-of-life electrical appliances or their parts and showed a cross-section of the artist’s innovative and creative approaches to the use of electrical waste. This transformation of parts of old electrical appliances into art was impressive not only for its aesthetics; it also compelled viewers to reflect on how important it is that old appliances do not end up dumped in the countryside or in landfills, but that they are properly sorted and then recycled. The exhibition also included various discussions, workshops and presentations that stimulated a public debate about reuse activities, as well as e-waste and recycling.

We therefore believe that this exhibition was more than merely an outstanding and inspiring work of art; it also called on us to protect our environment. Take a look at our gallery to see photos from the exhibition. 🙂

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