ASEKOL is the first compliance scheme in the Czech Republic to Obtain International Social Responsibility Certificate!

21. 4. 2022

We behave responsibly and this is shown by a newly-awarded international social responsibility certificate.
ASEKOL is the first compliance scheme in the Czech Republic that has managed to obtain a prestigious international SA 8000 certificate after a thorough audit.

Our main aim is to handle environmentally-friendly processing of used electrical appliances, and we are also increasing the public’s interest in recycling and protecting the environment. We have great respect for the environment and we therefore take an environmentally-friendly approach in all our activities. We are increasing society’s raw material independence, ensuring a cleaner environment and reducing the wastage of natural resources.

Over the long term, ASEKOL complies with all principles based on the strict requirements of international ISO standards. We observe this policy in our dealings with our clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and companies.

We help our clients perform their statutory duties and act in a socially responsible way concerning products whose service life has ended. We want to be more than a mere business partner for our clients; we want to be a partner that they can always come to if they need advice or specific help. We place emphasis on constant improvements, innovation and we are always prepared to help our clients, advise and offer a price-efficient solution that has added value for them. We are loyal and build long-standing, transparent relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and trust.

We regard our employees highly and are well aware that they are our most valuable asset. We do the maximum to ensure that our working environment is creative and pleasant. Compliance with human rights and absolute intolerance of any discrimination is a matter of course. As a part of HR processes, we strictly comply with legislative requirements and provide a safe working environment. We properly remunerate our employees for the work done. We help our employees to achieve their true potential by providing them with equal educational and career development opportunities. We always support open communication and discussion.

CSR activities are an integral part of our company. We strive to have a positive impact on the community in which we work, and to be a responsible neighbour. For this purpose we play an active part in projects that benefit the public, or organise such projects directly. These projects are focused primarily on environmental protection, promoting employment opportunities for people with disabilities and boosting education.