ASEKOL participated in the MIKROKLIMA event in Prague 9

1. 6. 2018

The City of Prague 9, the Department of the Environment and Transport has prepared the 12th edition of the ecologically-educational event called MIKROKLIMA 2018. The term "microclimate" means the environment in which we live immediately, what directly affects us and influences the quality of our lives. This project is based on the whole project, which creates a counterbalance and complements the classical teaching of school children and youth.

Microclimate is an open, educational educational project. By its nature, ecological awareness evolves from a common framework. Offers environmental information in a friendly, playful and casual way. Microclimate offers up-to-date environmental themes tied to the Prague 9 site. ASEKOL presented the issue of sorting of electrical equipment and the presence of red containers in the whole city of Prague.