1. 3. 2023

ASEKOL cooperates with Sportability⛷, an association that enables people with various kinds of disabilities to participate fully in attractive sports like skiing! 

Sportability organises a variety of camps and residential sports courses for disabled skiers of all performance levels, from representatives in their given sport or beginners who want to try a sport for the first time.

Yet it’s not just about winter activities however; Sportability enables people with disabilities to actively enjoy cycling, white water rafting or water skiing. The people at Sportability specialise in training and preparing skiers for international competitions and Paralympics, and hold handbike cycling camps as well as recreational boating courses.

They are able to lend special sports equipment for all the events organised by Sportability. During these events, the organisation strives not only to put quality conditions in place to enable people with disabilities to enjoy sports, but also to include them in the wider team together with able-bodied athletes. During the year, the association engages in awareness-raising activities, such as presenting sporting activities for the disabled at other sporting events or in schools and companies.