Awards for The Most Active Regions and Municipalities 2019

2. 12. 2019



Active municipality

Ostrava City

Active region – The highest number of sorted electronic devices in given period

South Bohemian Region

Active region – The collection of old electronic devices via red containers

Liberec Region

Active region – Jury price for approach of region to enlightenment in environment sphere

Karlovy Vary Region

Art of sorting – The most favorite container

Hradec Králové City

Great thanks belongs to Jiří Štěpánek from the waste department in the Ostrava city, Regional Governor of the South Bohemian Region Ivana Stráská, county councilor of Liberec region Jiří Löffelmann, Regional Governor of Karlovy Vary region Jana Mračková Vildumetzová and Lord Mayor of the Hradec Králové city Alexandr Hrabálek for taking over the prizes for the winner cities and regions. 

All money prize goes for the support of environmental and CSR activities.

Congratulations to all award winning.