Canon company is a long-standing supporter of the circular economy

20. 5. 2021

With every renewal of office equipment, CANON company relies on the ASEKOL collective system with the ecological recycling of used electrical appliances. As a part of social responsibility, the CANON company offers to all its clients a collection of used electronic appliances when renewing the office equipment. One of the latest collections took place on 8th March 2021 from the DHL branch in Cheb. ASEKOL provided collection, transportation, and following ecological disposal of the original branch´s printers. Devices were moved to the factory of the certified processor in Jihlava. The processor will recycle the printers, and individual fractions will be used to make new products. A few of the collected printers were still in operation. Those printers were gifted to the offices of the certified processor as a part of the CANON and ASEKOL´s support of the re-use approach.

“For a global producer with the key position on the market is the relationship to the environment and support of the circular economy absolute priority. CANON is actively seeking opportunities in lowering energy severity and recycling of the old unfunctional products in the long term. Collective scheme ASEKOL is our perfect partner in organizing such events.” commented Lucie Němcová, Procurement Manager CANON.

“We have been collaborating with the CANON company in matters of the CSR activities for many years already. The company, including its employees, is one of the major producers active in engaging in environmental protection. We are glad that representatives of the company are returning to us with their inquiries regarding the provision of the ecological recycling electronics equipment. The cooperation is valuable to ASEKOL. Furthermore, it also testifies about the quality and reliability of our service.” Daniel Šafář, Business and Marketing director ASEKOL, commended the cooperation.

Thanks to the collection and ecological recycling of the 179 printers CANON saved 512 liters of petroleum and 5,59 MWh of electricity power. This amount of electricity equals a 2-year lasting operation of a regular household.