CANON saves enough electricity to power a typical household for 4 years by recycling a printer!

10. 3. 2022

Recycling has become an integral part of our modern lives and is one of the pillars of a circular economy. CANON is clearly among those companies that acts responsibly and was looking for the most ecological possible way to recycle a large-capacity printer. The printer itself was previously used by Innogy to print flyers, invoices, and other materials.

To recycle the printer, CANON selected the ASEKOL compliance scheme for e-waste collection, which has been on the market for 17 years and operates its compliance scheme in 3 countries, with more than 17,500 e-waste collection points in the Czech Republic alone. “Once the printing centre in Brno closed at the Innogy facility, we then flexibly arranged for the disassembly, loading and removal of the machinery and its ecological disposal together with ASEKOL. Based on our long-term partnership, we were convinced that the ASEKOL company would ensure that a maximum of material would be recovered through recycling,” added David Ulrich, Senior Operation Manager at CANON Business Services.

CANON technicians first disassembled the retired printer into spare parts, which can still be utilised in similar printers located in the Czech Republic. ASEKOL then took care of the retired printer, turning the e-waste from the retired printer weighing 4,960 kg over to a certified processing plant for professional recycling. The individual fractions produced by the recycling process will then be used to produce new products. CANON thereby actively contributed to the cycle of the circular economy. Recycling of this printer saved 9.917 Mwh of electricity or 3.968 tonnes of primary raw materials that no longer need to be extracted!