The children saved 40 water pools by recycling, going to Zoo for a reward

28. 6. 2018

The contest of elementary schools from the whole country in the collection of mobile phones was called Donate a mobile and win a trip for your class. "Of the 121 schools, 9,412 mobile phones have been collected and handed over to recycling," said Hana Ansorgová, director of Recycling Games or Let's Clean Up the World, the company that organizes the competition. "Children have helped to save water by eco-friendly disposal of mobile phones, which for example would fill the two swimming pools of the Evžen Rošický Sports Multifunctional Facility in Jihlava more than forty times," added Dana Ducheckova, spokeswoman for ASEKOL.

The success was celebrated by the Elementary School of Merklín, the Elena Elementary School and the Elementary School of Lešany and the Primary School of Pardubice, J. Ressl. Children enjoyed a relaxing day at the ZOO in Jihlava and also learned about the operation of recycling in practice. “It was the greatest success. We allowed the children a tour of the Jihlava recycling line for small electrical appliances. Whenever it comes, we show children everything in real-life, “explained Dana Ducheckova.