Give it back to Baby Jesus! Fill up the red containers.

6. 1. 2016

Did this year’s presents really cheer you up? Did you get a new mixer or you can’t put down your new mobile phone? Help us fill the red containers with old unused electronic devices. That way, give a red card to rusty toasters and mixers in the woods or public parks. Give our children a place to play at and the handicapped a place to work. EEE from containers will get transported, sorted and processed. Do you know that 80 % of resources from old EEE can be extracted and used again? Where’s the closest red container to your location? You can find out easily at

For every kilo of EEE – 1 CZK for people with physical disability

Thanks to you, the endowment fund Rovná šance gets 1 CZK for every kilo of retired EEE. Our goal is to exceed the 1 000 000 CZK border. Come join us! Feed the red containers.