Information on legislation changes effective from 1 January 2021

4. 1. 2021

Dear clients,

we would like to inform you that on 1. 1. 2021, a new Act on end-of-life products enters into force; this Act redefines all obligations associated with extended producer responsibility for electrical waste in the Czech Republic. Its part concerning the disposal of electrical appliance waste will fully replace the existing Waste Act (the Act No. 185/2001 Coll.).

Although the legal framework of the new Act has been known for a long time and we have informed you on the main changes, we had to wait with the announcement of the main changes until the final approval by the Parliament of the Czech Republic which took place on 1. 12. 2020 (on 4. 12. 2020, the Act was signed by the President of the Czech Republic).

Let us hereby inform you on two major changes which enter into force on 1. 1. 2021 and which may affect you.

1. Obligation to state the recycling contribution separately when selling the product and in sales notes

2. Extending the obligation of end sellers in providing for the take-back of electrical appliances

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