Municipalities in the Moravian-Silesian Region have received awards

31. 5. 2018

On Thursday May 31, 2018 in the Red Castle in Hradec nad Moravicí, ASEKOL appreciated the towns that sorted the most in electrical equipment in the CompetitionO keramické sluchátko. The pleasant morning was accompanied by Daniela Písařovicová.

The victory in the competition in the sorting of electrical waste “O keramické sluchátko”, in the category of up to 1500 inhabitants, was defended by the village of Tvrdkov. In the category above 1,500, dominated among the best village Těrlicko and citizens of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, in the category of municipalities with extended competence, defended their victory for the fifth time. The town of Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem became a jump in 2017, because one inhabitant of Kunčice last year wiped out an amazing 3.4kg of electricity that went to ecological disposal.

The competition is organized by the not-for-profit company ASEKOL in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Region. The yield of the retired retailers is evaluated per capita. The surplus household appliances include computers, televisions, radios, cameras, camcorders or phones. “The people in our region are devoting more and more attention to the sorting of unneeded electricity, which is also reflected in the overall results – for 2017 there were almost 2,000 tonnes in the Moravian-Silesian region. The Moravian-Silesian Region is ranked 4th in the ASEKOL International Comparison, “said Zdeněk Kovařík, Regional Manager of ASEKOL for the Moravian-Silesian Region.