Old mobile telephones from Slovan Primary School helped Zlín ZOO

1. 2. 2022

Slovan Primary School took part in a project for collection of old mobile phones, which was held with the support of the town of Kroměříž and the Zlín Region and also in cooperation with the ASEKOL Company.

“This project meant that the children helped the environment and nature twice over. Once by collecting old mobile phones, which are subsequently professionally recycled, and then by donating the earnings from the project to animals at Zlín ZOO,” Deputy Mayor Vratislav Krejčíř said. Students decided to donate the proceeds from the project in support of the endangered Red Panda and an elephant calf born at the ZOO in June 2021. The class that collected the most mobile phones was also treated to a beautiful cake decorated with a zoo motif.

Daniel Hladilín, regional manager of the ASEKOL compliance scheme for electrical devices for the South Moravian Region and Zlín Region, added, “All the devices will be passed on for recycling to certified processors. Telephones do not belong in the bin or on the waste dump, but deserve to be professionally recycled and used in new products.”