On Saturday you could meet us in Náchod

15. 6. 2015

Our red team on Saturday visited Náchod.

Old electro appliances were brought really a lot by people even though after a few pieces  Mrs Lucie Kořínková became a winner, which, with her family, brought about by “just” 20 units, which compared to other cities was an average result. A win on the podium came to pick up the husband. A total amount collected increased to beautiful almost 210 kg of WEEE. Due to the inclement weather did not arrive the winner, which reached a truly historic camera, therefore, the gift bag with the portable charger went into the audience. Sneaky the winning question was: “ASEKOL for ten years of operation of the collected 130 thousand tons of electrical equipment, predict how much it is in the conversion of the number of Eiffel towers?